Thursday, June 30, 2005

War of The Worlds.

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Anything free is always good. That is how I wished I felt yesterday at the beginning of the movie: War of The Worlds. This was a fantastic movie. I'll tell you why I did not feel all that good later on.

No spoilers here, but this movie is great in the sense that it portrayed humans behaviour and emotions at its best. I feel that what Steven Spielberg really wanted to reveal this out; apart from the outerspace aliens and also the action part of it. In times of desperation, how do people actually react? Are we all selfish in the sense that we put more importance in our life than others apart from our family?
If you look deep into this movie you will notice how Tom Cruise actually did a good job portraying the different emotions that each and everyone of us go through everyday of our life. Now, I have to salute him for pulling it off well enough. Back to emotions. The movie represented the many forms of what we go through daily, and in reality, how do we react in times of great sadness and despair? Times when we are angry?Times of desperation? As I watched the movie, my mind brought me back to December 26 last year when tsunami striked and killed close to 30,000 people. I wondered how must this people have been feeling at that point of time? They were afraid, scared, hungry, lost and shocked. It must have been hard for them to accept that which had happen in such a short fraction of time. But, is this when they cry and mourn, or follow their survival instincts into saving themselves? This is when the horror starts. Everyone wants to save themselves! When we read newspapers and we see photographs depicting children and adults young and old rushing for food, it's a pitiful sight. BUT, that's just what WE see. Imagine being there. The last bread left. One man and a mother trying to get that for her starving child. It was only ONE bread. We could have shared, but will that actually happen?
This is when humans beings exude their true behaviour. Our innate instincts into doing what is best for us and for us only. Instinct to survive, Instinct to feed, Instinct to love, Instinct to KILL. Yes, kill. This movie had this part of the human nature portrayed eloquently where every human being actually does have that killer instinct in them. Scary, ain't it? In this movie, there are parts when it plays human beings killing for survival. It's not gruesome, it's the fear that it projects , the fear that will seep right down to your bones and this is the essentials of the movie. Which brings me back to what I said earlier about not really feeling good about the movie, because, when you really think about it, humans are terrifying beings. They're unpredictable and instinct is something perilous. You wonder what is running through the minds of these people before they kill.
All in all it was a great movie. I'm gonna stop writing about it , or I will just spoil the movie for those who have not watched it. To those who are gonna pay for the movie and not watch it for free, look at THE BIG PICTURE.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


On Sunday, my aunty got herself a new car. It was a Kia Rio. It's kinda nice, the car. I was made to drive around with that car,as my aunty was not really confident to take over the wheels. It was fun. If it wasn't for her being in the car, I would have driven at least 160km/h, but phooey! I couldn't......Anyway, to where I drove the car..................
There was a so - called reunion at my grand- uncle's place because my 'nieces' (I'm an uncle already!!geesh!) just got baptised. Well, the thing is, they are part of my extended family that I hardly visit. Probably once a year. Yeah. So, my mum being the social queen that she is started her whole out-loud HIs and giving her hugs and kisses to every I've- not-seen -you -so-long people there while her sisters (my aunties) sat in the corner claiming that my mum is just so, hmmm, sometimes, unpredictable (in a good way). The people whom my mum hugged and kissed were my cousins, uncles, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, I don't know...But it was fun to be there to actually get to know about all my extended family members. I must say that my mum is really admirable, and I got that trait of hers, because when I 'm in a social outing, I easily break the ice and also, like my mum, hug people accordingly. The problem with this is that some people find it pretty awkward (I bet Sarah's cousin can tetstify to that!) to be hugged and all. Anyways, I must give my mum an applaud because when we went t o my granduncle's place it was DEAD. Not until my mum got there, it wasn't. =)
My grandaunty was around there that day, too. She had this funny pony tail everyone was poking fun at. To the real story, she hadn't seen my uncle for ages and we had to keep repeating my uncle's name etc etc etc. The moment my uncle said : " Do I remind you of your brother (my uncle's dad, who is my grandad)",my grand aunty started crying and kissing my uncle and all. Obviously she did that because she missed my grand dad who died when he was a young man. I just found it so hilarious because she just didn't stop crying. But,deep down inside I could feel her love for my late grandfather, who lost his leg and died for my country......Salute.
So this is yet another boring post of mine ending with my whining of how I have not been studying. Maybe I should start crying.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Hate Chairs

I hate chairs. Nevermind the fact that I was having a pretty good day which was then spoilt by the dumb chair I was about to sit on. Now, why do I hate chairs....

1. Yesterday, thanks to a very brilliant person, I fell right down on my butt because this smart-ass thought it will be a good idea to pull the CHAIR away just when I wanted to sit.

embarrassment scale: 8/10,( well, there were 10 other people in the room).

2. During lunch today, just when I was about to sit, my LEG just decided to sabotage me when it kicked my CHAIR away. What happened to me? GO FIGURE.

embarrassment scale: 9.5/10 ( Well, duh, it was at the roof top!!!)

3. Last week in KKB, when a bee was chasing me from my room, I ran to the hall, had the CHAIR block my way and I fell flat on the floor. Eugene, Prashanth, Yuhana, Kenneth were there.

embarrassment scale: 5/10. (Since it was just them.)

I take it that I have learned my lesson. Pull the chair away when brilliant people suddenly decide to have a sit. If you fall during lunch, ask the people; " What are you looking at?!"

Moronic post? I agree.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Why do we fall?

To Learn To Pick Ourselves Up.
It's been a long lasting close-to-depression state of mind and I am pretty much sick of it. There will be a new beginning starting today and I am really hoping that these changes will bring the best out of me, (I could use some), with the finals 25 weeks away and all. I will be doing Physiology for my Selective, something that I did not want to do, but nevermind. Maybe God has his reasons on why I have to do Physiology and not Behavioural Sciences.
Being back home and having everyone nag at my ears claiming that I have changed a lot was not much of a help, but I guess it will, indirectly.
This post is just a personal reminder to me that I need a change, and it's gonna be for the best.
By the way to all the Group E KKB Hospital visit people: Thank you so much for such a fun time there!!
**look out for news on the KKB experience in up coming posts**

Friday, June 10, 2005

Read the Fine Print (provided it doesn't kill you first)

Okay.. so I noticed everyone else's font size here is smaller than mine. As I was saying in a previous comment, I am hard of seeing. Fine print, that is. This is what you guys' fonts look like to me:

Now these are some mean ass fonts! And when I say 'mean ass', i MEAN mean ass ™ ;p

Somehow, that trademark phrase doesn't seem half as hilarious anymore now that we're back in took KKB by storm though, haha!! (self-praise is no praise, yvonne...)

Speaking of ironic statements that Vas mentioned below, I doubt I'll ever forget the one regarding Dr. YCL. I wonder how he sleeps at night... Also, Vas, you forgot to mention this ironic/slow/disengaged brain/insert synonym here statement:

The title of the slide was: "K-sparing diuretics and its USES". USES as in 'uses'. SOMEONE (*cough cough*)then asked me "What is U-S-E-S?????"
Haha I wished I had replied: Ultra Slowness/Extreme Slowness, whichever tickles your fancy! Who's slow NOW?? ☺

But I have yet to see anybody top this:

Pharmacy Nurse: Do you know what's clindamycin?
Guess Who: Yes, it's penicillin.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Irony TEST

I took yet another test and this is what I scored. Looks like I do have an obsessive compulsive behaviour. Try it! (click on title above)

Congratulations! You scored 0!

Fot you, the glass is half-empty. You aren't completely optimistic, but you're not a complete realist. You are aware of what is missing, but do not understand why. With some effort, you will become more aware of your needs.

phooey! online test sucks!!

The Irony of Statements Made

When I sit and think about people, sometimes it’s a wonder how people can come up with hilarious phrases. I thought of a few and I figured I’ll quote them here for all to read, several may be personal jokes that only few understands, but never mind. At least when I read it someday I know that somebody actually said this.

“Don’t underestimate my ass bitch, cos’ I’ll fart you to oblivion” – Rahman, on pissing him off

“I thought we were shopping??” – Yvonne on people who catwalk when they were suppose to be SHOPPING

“Point sir!” – Hai Liang, in his dreams

“Chaos can move the people to advocate better change in the society” – Debater, UST

“I can feel the isthmus of the thyroid, both lobes are palpable and soft in texture” – DrYCL a.k.a ‘wonder boy’ on a patient who has had a THYROIDECTOMY.

“Genocide is not a problem”- debaterX

“I can’t come cos’ I have a sore throat” – Sarah, SHOUTING across the hall on being prompted to go for a movie.

“I’m late because I was ironing my coat”- Ken, on being question the reason of him being late for CSU (Clinical Skills Unit)

“I drink like a Camel…. (Minutes later after 1L of H2O)…I feel like puking”- Mr. V

And the Results Are:

I just took the personality test and as expected, my levels of "histrionic" are HIGH...darn! now i can't poke fun of someone ..*cough* PONY! *cough* ;p

In view of an 'online test' frenzy, try this colour test:

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Just so u all would like to know, we had this community med session this afternoon, and this guy was showing all the moves he learned from the king of the lemurs in madagascar.

Move no 1: apparently you should violently shake your hips like you had this hoop around your waist and you scream "physically fit physically fit physically physically physically fit"!

Move no 2: Do the famous egyptian dance while chanting "i like to move it move it!" over and over again 20 times

Move no 3: if you are angry/unhappy with someone, especially girls, just entail them in a pushing/shoving match. make sure both hands are free to tickle their sides. this will give you the winning edge!

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Here's Julian, the famous lemur king!

My Personality

I did a personality test and here's the results. I have to disagree with the fact that I'm narcissistic because I don't think I actually am...Geesh...these online test are so inaccurate!
Disorder. Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: High
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate

* click on tittle to perform test*

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Interesting Moments

So anyway, I'm having my GP posting all this week. I'm doing it at HeartScan, Bangsar.

And I gotta say, diagnostics technology here is pretty interesting. I've only been around for 2 days and I've already seen quite a lot. I found the colonoscopies to be most interesting though. Am I hooked or what? Wait til you smell the solution to wash the scope ;p...I thought it had a hint of vanilla about it...The other nurses found it weird that I should actually like it haha! See? I'm one in a million man!!!

Meanwhile...check out this lunch bill below:

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And that was the total for just ONE person...WTH! And it wasn't even as if I had a huge serving or anything. But the cake was really nice though...I'm wondering if I should go back for more of it...and then whine about it here ;p

Friday, June 03, 2005

Saint Mary's Church, Singapore

Last Sunday, Sheena, Richard and I, on our search for a Catholic church in Singapore, discovered the aforementioned church at Bukit Batok, Singapore. It was the best modern church I have ever seen and here are the pictures! Seriously the church looked like it was sponsored by Ikea,Sweden because it was so state-of-the-art.

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The 12th Station
Image hosted by
The 13th Station
Image hosted by
Interior seating
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The 'suspended' Jesus
Image hosted by
Holy Water, flowing in an indoor 'fountain'
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Suspended Jesus and Altar

Same old..

It's June and colleges around KL are already starting new the other night I was lying in bed trying to sleep and suddenly I remembered this:

4 years ago, I was holidaying in London. The exchange rate was a killer and we had to depend on the subway. Late one night, we had to take the train back to Knightsbridge (digression:we were staying in Bank Negara's Eaton Square apartment...accommodation was EXCELLENT ;p). So anyway, because it was un peu late, there was hardly a soul around in the Knightsbridge station.

You know how there are always billboard ads around in stations right? There was one for 'Cats', the longest running musical ever(it's finally stopped abt 2 yrs ago..thankfully). The poster was showing a freeze frame of some dance routine and all the dancers were smiling their hearts out. And right smack across this ad, someone had written in bold letters:


Being the lame cow that I was, I burst out laughing and even pointed it out to my uncle(whom I later learnt was actually pretty fond of 'Cats'...)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lazy Days....

The day was just so sluggish...Sigh. Eversince I came back from the AUDC all I have been doing is complaining that I'm tired, tired, tired and all I did was sleep, sleep and sleep. It's appalling the amount of hours I spent sleeping...what a waste of time!!! I read somewhere that neurons die every hour, shouldn't I be awake using them instead of sleeping? This whole week I have just been reading blogs, sleeping,reading blogs and e-mailing my relatives back at Seattle. **Gosh, I miss you guys!!**
Like I said, I was reading blogs ( and Phillipino debaters' blogs, to be exact,) & I realised that these people read a lot!! Most of them are doing 'Political Sciences' and I guess that is where they get all their debate knowledge. Impressive. I have also been reading the IMU debaters blogs, and Elena, thanks so much for insulting me. Appreciate it.....(mode: sarcastic)
I wonder how the days are going to be...I hope it's not going to be as dead. I'm going to watch Madagascar tomorrow, looking forward to that, plus, I have not met up with my CSS (Catholic Student Society) friends for quite some time. Looks like I have not met up with a lot of people...Jane, Sheena, my aunties..What have I been doing????
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Oh, since I'm at it, I thought I'll share a little bit about Hari Gawai. Being in west Malaysia, I guess its rare that you get invited for a Gawai dinner. I went over to Sarah's place the other day for Gawai dinner, and boy was the food good. Most of the delicacies were brought over from Sarawak (the homeland), & I thought it was pretty good. I didn't bother asking what they were, but I know the 'rojak sotong' was excellent, the prawn was good, and the Lemang was the best! No, wait, everything was good!! The Lemang was especially nice, I was told that it was made back at Sarawak...hmmm....thanks Sarah!! And of course, (I have to mention this) some of Sarah's relatives were there and I was the only one there who was Sarah's friend. So, you could have guess what they thought. Even her cousins thought so. Adrian and Jasmine, it was great talking to you guys, keep in touch!
It's 3.30pm right now, I still have almost half a day left. Gonna go jogging later and hopefully do some studying later on. This is such a boring post. I pity those who have read it.
"Lazy days
Don't let them get you down
Wear your smile
I don't want to see you frown
Don't let them get you down
In can happen in any season
We don't need any reason
To sit around and wait
The world could change in a second,
So I find the sunshine beckons me,
To open up the gate and dream
And dream"
-Lazy Days, Robbie Williams

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Asian University Debate Championship

It's been a long time since I updated my blog and I have been nagged by some of my fellow bloggers on how boring and redundant my blog is . So I thought I'll just write. Anyway, before I go on, it would probably be good if I just informed everyone that Yvonne now shares this blog with me, as well as Sarah, so just take note.
Going to Singapore for the Asian University Debate Championship was really a good experience. Nanyang Technology University is such a beautiful modern university, it has the best facilities for its students and is, undoubtedly very student friendly. The debates were great as the motion were all fresh motions, and it was fun debating especially when you are going against the Philippine teams. They are awesomely good debaters!! I learned a lot from these people, their command of the language is good and their ability to make even the simplest point into a full blown argument is intriguing. Their passion in debating reflects when they speak and this is another thing I admire about them. I guess they put a lot of effort in training for tournaments; one of them even mentioned that they actually train everyday, wow!! IMU has a lot to learn from the Philippine debaters.
During this tournament I also understood how important it is to communicate well with your team mates because communication between members is one vital aspect in winning a debate. I learned how bad a debate round can turn when you misunderstand and do not communicate well with your team mates. Boy, I never want something like that to occur again! Although there were mis-communication, my team mates and I resolved the matter quickly and I thought that was very impressive. ** YP and RGL, you guys are the best!!**
As you have read so far, I wrote about all the good things that happen during my time there. I'm not going to write about the not-so-good things that occurred, because I left it in NTU before coming back here. =)