Friday, April 01, 2011


If I understood everything,

I wouldn't be needing explanations.

I ask,

Because I care, because I love

Not to get into your skin

Not to be dramatic

There's so much pain

It's reaching 4 months

I've missed my friend

Yes, I was in love with you, BEFORE.

We're friends now,

I deserve that respect, at least.

There could have been 1001 ways of solving this problem;

and you chose the 1001th solution, which is silence and distance.

I don't know if you know how I feel, or if you even care.

But as long as you are happy.

Memories of you and me will always be alive.

And I hope someday, you will grow out of yourself, and see that the world isn't just about what you think is right. Look at everything closely, and you'll see that you do exactly what i do that makes you mad.

Be happy always. I love you.