Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wishing you well

I picked up my old phone, and I read some messages in it.

Time frame : jul-aug 2010.

I can't stop crying.

Why did I meet you?

i will never know why I fell in love with you.

You tried hard to help me move on. I think you felt my hurt, and you were trying to help me

I read those messages, I can feel your hurt

I can feel your pain

Sometimes you think I don't understand you, but I do.

In your mind, you think that I think you're a bad guy

Why do you think I fell for you?

Cos you have a good heart

I can still feel your pain

I sense your loneliness

I know your want of being with somebody, to be love, to give love.


I only want you to be happy

I honestly do

I'm sorry for the times in your life that things were hard and complicated.

I never meant it

The tears that fall from my eyes, they tell of the sincerity in myy wish for you to always be happy

I wish you will stop hurting inside

I hope you will find happiness

i can't give you the happiness you want

but I hope somebody will

I hope those Fridays when you drink your life out with alcohol in sadness will end

i hope your heart will stop aching

I hope you will be at peace

I will always pray that love, joy and happiness finds its way to you.


I hope I will stop crying, knowing that you are finally happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It Gets Better", Is time to move on.
I can do it, I am u can too.

2:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u know who I am. =)
maybe u just not sure who I am; just like u not sure why u r still not yet move on.

11:00 pm  

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