Sunday, July 31, 2005


Holding my breath, I slowly submerge into the unknown, the dark, the mystical of what I interpret as sheer quietness…..The serenity of floating ironically deep down, the tympanic membrane holding as much pressure as it can as the lung works its way in transporting the remaining oxygen to the very last cell of my wrinkled body; meticulously but yet slowly……..

Until the huge wave just threw me closer to the shore!!! WOOO HOOO!! Going to Port Dickson during the months of July to October is fantastic! Other wise known as the ‘musim tengkujuh’, it is definitely the BEST time to be at P.D, despite all the claims of it being dirty etc etc , I beg to think otherwise. An unplanned one -day- trip to PD today has to be the climax of the long holiday I had (or so it was!) before I begin hell tomorrow. Swimming was just great (the waves were humongous!!), had some ‘old-school’ sand castle building on the beach and good food with my family, boy, that’s more I can ask for. Never mind I got sunburned and my shoulders and back are as red as ever (and boy it hurts!). The trip was worthwhile. :)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

As for the NEP (New Economic Plan) I have one question:
How Long?

It's ok if at the end of the day, this plan will actually benefit the poor Malays back at the rural areas, but will this really happen?

"It's so that everyone gets a piece of the cake".. I don't see why only specified people or race groups are deemed 'not' getting 'enough' portion of the cake. Because, the way I look at it, there are many other races (i.e. the Indians) in our country who are in extreme poverty and who are not in the specified economic field in a balanced proportion.
Then , they will say, that's the job of the MIC. With someone who has been there (the MIC) for centuries who will never budge, I do not think there will be support for the Indians, because, he is just like 'lalang' .

It is unfair to give time for a group of people when you do know, at the end of the 30years, the plan did not even reach its target. What makes them think that it will work now, despite all the so-called 'regulations'?
As far I am concerned, if you really want to make a certain group of people competitive, GIVE them COMPETITION, you want to make them 'GLOCAL' , GIVE them the ability to face the real 'global and local' reality! Don't come up with plans, (that, nevermind didn't work in the first place) and claim that it will help 'balance out' and have everyone 'share the cake'.
They say 'don't be afraid to take risks'. I think it's about time WE did.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Another Internal Joke

Image hosted by
It's nice to see that ponies are now recognized in the southern hemisphere...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

When Rafidah Aziz said that she had written a letter to Tun after when the AP (Approved Permit) scandal got out having the drama queen shed tears, I wondered to myself the relevance of her actually writing a letter. If she really had nothing to hide, she could have just say it out to the media; but NO, she wrote a letter to Tun.

Today, the letter is out open to the Media, according to Tun, who will ‘leak’ it out in ‘installments’. Is this really necessary? The fact that Rafidah took Tun for granted claiming he is like a ‘Father’ took a twist and all I can say is she brought it onto herself. As cunning it was for Tun to coincidentally take this all out in the open while the Prime Minister and Rafidah herself are in South Africa right now, is simply ‘plausible’. I’m waiting to see her reaction once she gets back, because, as of now, she does not want to give any comments to the journalist abroad.

Proton is a national entity. Our national entity. It has created somewhat of an identity and I am sure, behind all the minor complaints of it not being well assembled (the Proton Gen-2’s ever popular windshield) it still remains an element of our nation’s progress. The fact that we have our cars for sale in Germany and Australia, is pretty good a deal to have trust over our national car. To allow indiscriminate ‘provision’ of APs is simply abysmal in the sense that, this people do not even ‘run the show’ according to the book. In a world of competitive economy, I believe, there should be protocol abiding and not ‘medieval age’ ways of running things.

With Mahaleel ‘dismissed’ as Proton C.E.O, I wonder who is going to take his place. I hope, it will be someone who will bring Proton back to the automotive economic arena. I trust it will, as shares shot up just with Mahaleel leaving the company. Let’s hope the future looks good for Proton.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Me, myself and I

My dear pgymatious friend asked me to do this....So here... For those who critisized me, i.e you Gongster you, here to you too!!

1. Vasan
2. Forsakenangle (yes, angle)
3. Monstrouslittleboy?

1. my height and foot size
2. my smile and dimples
3. my 'ahem'. I don't believe I just declared that.

1. my tummy.
2. my hair
3. that's about it i think.

1. Indian
2. British
3. Portuguese
(bet you didnt know that!)

1. Thoughts of death of ANY of my family members
2. Knowing that somebody hates my guts
3. Life after death

1. Water (seriously, i cant go out without a bath, or drink!)
2. Food
3. Thought/leson of the day

1. T shirt
2. Tracksuit
3. My gorgeous undies ( ok, you didn't have to know that!)

1. Robbie Williams
2. Linkin Park
3. Mariah

1. Eminem- Toy Soldier
2. Alanis- uninvited
3. Spice Girls- Viva Forever
(random from all my favourite)

Three things you want in a relationship:
1. Love
2. Freedom
3. Understanding

1. I am unique. Enough said.
2. I have a split personality sometimes
3. i'm abnormal

THREE physical things about the preferrd sex that appeals to you:
1. Height
2. Is heart considered physical??
3. smile

1. Thinking and art stuff
2. Cooking, baking( honest!)
3. Yapping away

1. Meet SL
2. Get rid of all the scars I have on my face
3. Eat

1. Doctor in medicine
2. Latin Dancer
3. Swim suit model (hey, just for the experience!)

1. Europe ( the whole of it)
2. Australia
3. Africa

1. Kevina Malni
2. Kiruvin Kumar
3. Thoshaun Kumar

1. Most definately travel
2. Get a life partner??
3. Get my mum something she always wanted and reveal a secret

1. i love action and dares
2. i am loud and humourous
3. i do what guys do?

1. i love cooking and baking
2. I dress well, too well sometimes
3. i can just sit and listen to problems for hours

1. Adrian
2. Jo En
3. Gongster


The Week That Was

One week of my holiday just vanished right before my eyes, but it was a great week indeed. Did my GP posting at my ex-town, had a great doctor to guide me, couldn't ask for anything more. My GP, Dr.Jaswant Singh was a quiet person, hardly spoke, but at least he thought me a thing or two. He allowed me to draw blood, give injections, micro surgery , USS, etc etc. Behind all this procedure, the best thing I learnt from him is how important communicating with patients is. Dr. Jaswant really has the whole BS thing going on. He certainly talks to his patients and acknowledges them, not the disease. He is rather understanding and takes the time to speak to his patients about their everyday life, just so they feel welcomed and respected. Oh, and he is multilingual. He speaks Cantonese, Urdu and Hindi, the latter important as he has many foreign workers coming to his clinic. I did not stay long, though, he only required me to come from 9am -1pm everyday, of which I left at 12pm everyday and skipped Tuesday. NOT because I was lazy, I had stuff to do. =)
Being at home was just great ..idling away...That was not good. Was suppose to meet up with a few other friends, but they were all busy, so, I just spent my time with my family, which is something I have not been doing. I was royally my aunts' chauffeur , driving up and down to town, KL, etc, picking up cousins, my brother from school and aunty from the office etc etc...boy, was I tired and USED! =)
I spent a lot of time with my brother during the past week,my mum just called me to tell me that my brother went to sleep hugging my pillow and did not want to go to school because I wasn't at home. Shaun, Shaun, grow up!!
Last Friday, I had a drive down Cheras to Jo's place so we could catch the Amityville Horror, and boy, I gave myself a mental note never to drive down ANYWHERE in Cheras, esp after you get directions from Jo. ha ha =)
The Amityville Horror was pretty scary, it's worth a watch. Spooky. We watched it at 12am, and I had to drive home alone. My mission was just to reach home before 3.15am ( watch the movie and you'll understand why) and thank God, I did!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Radicalism vs Conservatism

I couldn't wait to go for mass today. After a long period of sliding down the spiritual ladder, I think I'm finally (but slowly) climbing up the ladder again. Faith has its ups and down; and I think this is the nature that determines how strong our faith in God is, whether we give up easily, or thrive for the LIGHT, no matter how distant we are from it. Right, Sarah??
The Saint Francis Xavier Church has now a new priest ( in addition to our favourite Father Simon), Father Aloysius ( I'm not sure if its the correct spelling for his name) who is a rather radical priest, so to say, with new age mentality in regards to the progress of the Catholic Church.
Today, he gave a sermon about how we actually SHOULD love the world. Appalled? I was too. In accordance to today's gospel reading, he claims that the kingdom of heaven that was spoken about is this world and we should enjoy the time we have here on earth as it is God's blessing, something he made for us to enjoy and have a pleasure living in.
Now, don't get me wrong, he was definitely not saying that we should gamble, have random sex, etc, what he was actually saying is that sometimes Catholics make too many restrictions, or, on the whole, Christians sometimes make too many restriction in regards to the religion in the sense that we create unnecessary rules and relations to abide to. For example, some Christian churches believe that Teletubbies are satanic, they also feel that P& G is a satanic company because they endorse satanic churches. Father Aloysius was saying (in his very straight tone of voice), that we should all give ourselves a break, to put it in his words. "......... go read Dan Brown, watch movies, and for goodness sake , let your children read Harry Porter ( at which I noticed a boy nudge his mother's shoulder), just have some fun! I grew up reading all this type of books, and look at me, I'm not a satan worshiper!"
He emphasizes that we should expand our knowledge of the world, and not just stick to our believes and restrict ourselves un-intentionally. " To tell you the truth, if I meet these people everyday, I wouldn't think twice to just classify these people as an utterly boring lot"- he said, on people who just talk about churches, churches, religions, etc etc and all things good. In fact, Fr.Alloysius says, we should go over to other temples (Buddhist) to listen to the monk and heed what they say about peace and integrity, or watch a documentary on the Israel-Palestine conflicts.
To make things short, I think, what he wants to relay to us is that we should not be confined to our sole believes, instead, we ought to expand our horizons and learn and understand and more importantly experience that which is around us in our very own world. It will ensure that we get a better grasp of what is really happening, enable us to contemplate, and with this association, somehow understand the Beauty that GOD made for us to experience, love and cherish.
*Oh, ya, this was the very same priest who said that it is about time we had female priests, and argued the validity of the sin of killing and capital punishment; claiming that there had been instances (recently too) of beheading in the Vatican. He asked us to Google this piece of trivia and get the utmost information on what is really going on* - I've yet to do it. Will do so soon. =)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

19th December

Your Birthdate: December 19
Your birth on the 19th day of the month adds a tone of independence and extra energy to your life path.
But at the same time, it poses a number of obstacles to overcome before you are able to be as independent as you would like. The number 1 energy suggests more executive ability and leadership qualities than your path may have indicated.

A birthday on the 19th of any month gives greater will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach. However, a somewhat self-centered approach to life that may be in conflict with some of the other influences in your life.
This 1 energy may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush.

You are sensitive, but your feeling stay somewhat repressed.
You have a compelling manner that can be dominating in many situations.
You do not tend to follow convention or take advice very well.

Consequently, you tend to learn through experience; sometimes hard experiences.
The 19/1 is a loner number and you may experience feelings of being alone even if you are married.
You may take on a tendency to be nervous and angry.
What's yours?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

My Friend , Yvonne the Bygone

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In my previous posts, I thanked a number of my friends who actually helped me in my recent hype in entering word search contests....And my royal friend, La Pony de Yvonne, was always there to help me..... But why did I not acknowledge her once I was done? Simply because:
1) I had to FORCE the others to actually help me
2) I turned beautiful , fun, mamak sessions into a totally pointless boring jaunt
3) I made them sit with me and complete the word search, and at the same time insulted them for being slow pokes.
Now, don't you think they deserve a thank you note? That doesn't mean that I do not appreciate your kind help Yvonne, So, here is to "My Little Pony"....

Friday, July 15, 2005

Religion, an unforeseen enigma

I had a good talk with my special friend the other day, J, about this very big topic, religion. Some people believe that if they don't know Christ, their destiny is hell. Others say it is justified to kill for your religion. Some say there is no such thing as God, we are just here, now..Probably the whole "Big Bang' theory.
What saddened me was the fact that religion, something so sacred has been turned into a subject open to ruthless condemned human exploitation that can never see an end of. It was interesting to know that the very foundation of religion (at least mine,) is to love. And, to love , to me, means to unify. At the present day now, we see that the very small matter of LOVE even, is separated due to religion (for those who are clueless, I'm talking about relationships), and the very existence of terror is also somewhat linked to religion.
It occurs to me that religion somehow acts as a divisive device rather than a unifying element. The question posed to me by my friend is that, Why is religion the only thing that is setting every other human apart, because, in essence, we are all human beings, the same, equal in sight. Why?
I feel that human beings always need something to hold on to, something to lean on, something to depend on, and here is where religion takes its spot. As far as I know, I cannot answer that question, but I do know that I know the truth and it is the truth (light) that will set you free. Redundant? You bet.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wednesday, 9.04pm

Ugh.....I'm close to dead!!! I have one more day to the deadline of my physiology report and I have yet to start!!! Anyway, I don't really know what I am going to write about. I just sometimes wonder why people never get what they want. She hardly falls in love, and one day she realizes that HE could be the one, and what happens? He has priorities...Oh well...
On another note, I find my literature review quite interesting, ( if only I started earlier!!!), it's about dreams and how it relates to memory, I'll probably post some interesting ideas up once I'm done.
I just met a girl today who has never cooked rice before, and made yesterday her first time. Read more.
I am surprised that people talk behind my back ALL THE TIME. Yesterday Adeline (my beloved friend) told me that they(debaters, I presume) categorized me as Metrosexual. They included Jody into that. Well, I don't mind.
I've posted my NST Word Search contest...I would like to thank Gongster (again), Sarah, for your efforts in helping me with the slogan,
Ken Zomy, Jo En and Jenny, for painstakingly aiding me in looking for the words and taking my insults on youguys as compliments ( Well, I am the king, after all...) during our mamak sessions at Stevens.....
Let's hope we get a ride in the BMW....

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


1. I have a report due on Friday. Bad news is, I have not started.

2. I have another report, due tomorrow.

3. My computer is still being repaired

4. The library closes at ten.

5. I don't have the com at home to continue my work.

6. I think I should start my work.

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On the bright side, my group presentation on "How Breastfeeding Influences Memory" was great. Good job Zosimo, Kar Ying and Jacqueline! I think we did an excellent job! =)

Monday, July 11, 2005


Some things are funny. Some are not. They are just plain rude.

There was a group working over the weekend over a presentation due on Monday. 4 of them in the group, 3 were wearing normal colourful clothes, 1 was wearing a burkha- like all black baju kurung? I don't know, point is, she was wearing a large tudung, and it was all BLACK.
So, in Food Avenue:

" Oh, God, look at that..!" - Squinting towards the girl in black.


" Hey, why are you dressed like it's a funeral?" - group mate of girl in black.

Even later......

"Hey, look to your right, 3 weddings and A Funeral!" - the person who said oh ,god, in Food Ave. ( as the group members walk out the library)

I know it's funny, but for God's sake, decency???!!!
My conclusion: People run out of good jokes when under stress.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yes, Apparently I've gone nuts....

You're a Beetle!

Talk about multiple personalities! You have more distinct perspectives and varied individuals in your head than just about anyone. You keep thinking you see yourself everywhere you go, as well. There are just so many folks who look exactly like you, who have your name, and it's left to the subtle differences for you to sort yourself out. If it sounds like you're confused, that's no accident. Your favorite car is a Volkswagen. Let it be!

Yes, Yet Another Quiz......Kill me!

You're the United Nations!

Most people think you're ineffective, but you are trying to completely save the world from itself, so there's always going to be a long way to go. You're always the one trying to get friends to talk to each other, enemies to talk to each other, anyone who can to just talk instead of beating each other about the head and torso. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and you get very schizophrenic as a result. But your heart is in the right place, and sometimes also in New York.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Summer Movies

During this whole period of Selectives, I must admit that I watched quite a number of movies...Both recent and past. The Selective period is really relaxing (as you can tell by my frequent updates), and I have been filling out much of my time yapping , eating( and hence turning into Nutty Professor!), a little reading and of course the MOVIES. Although I had all the time in the world, I didn't do what I normally do: Watch 3 movies in a row (in the cinema).Nonetheless, I managed to watch these few movies, and here are some reviews on that which I have seen and that which I'm looking forward to.
Image hosted by
This is a movie about an Interpreter (Nicole) working at the UN who overheard a conversation on assassination of a leader which is going to happen during a Summit at the UN Headquarters. The movie has a good twist in it, has a little about the genocide (something that is close to my heart) and somewhat emulates that which is occurring in the world right now. (My guess: Rwanda). So this Interpreter tries to stop this assassination, but turns out the FBI thinks that she is the prime suspect. The movie then goes down memory lane, inciting times when she was a rebel in this one country in the Africa continent( can't remember where).
So, what happens?
The assassin is finally sought, and of course, it was pretty surprising who the REAL assassin really was. A good movie to watch, great action, suspense, a little emotional not much romance( which is a good thing!!). Nicole did a good job.
The Verdict: Good movie. Go watch.

Image hosted by
This movie is just for those who wanna drool over Brad Pitt and Angie. Obviously, there was a rotten storyline, dumb actions, (yawn) and oh my god, did they think that movie goers are as dumb as jungle people? Geesh..
The Verdict: for your fantasy escapades,it's worth the watch.

Image hosted by
Good action.Good storyline.Good ending. Great mobile. The producer did a good job in maitaining a balance between the storyline and the action part of it. For new-Batman-fans, this is probably a good movie to start with.
The Verdict: " I will use my fear to create fear in others"....go figure.

Image hosted by
Like my previous post , this movie is a must watch. It's not about what you see, it's about what you feel - that's what I tell everyone.
The Verdict: If the world was really at war, watch this before you fight. (lame =))

Image hosted by
Ghost Train- yet another one of the millions of horror movies that have been mushrooming recently. To tell you the truth, this movie SUCKS!! Bad actors + Bad storyline + Bad images= Horrible movie
The Verdict: Seriously, do I have to tell you??

Image hosted by
An OK movie i guess. I feel that the producer gave us a warning before we watched the movie, because, in the posters, it's written: "What IF memories were stored in chips"...A movie where people can have a ZOE implant before they are born. This will have their lifelong memories recorded, and once they are dead, the family can ask for a re-memory of the deceased, and this is where the 'Cutter' comes into action to sieve the memory and only produce the good memories for the re-memory. The story entails anti-implant groups fighting for rights to own memory and it somehow portrays the ill-effects if we ever do have such a device. Well, not all our memories are good, right? The movie encircles around this hot-shot who has been molesting his child and had a pretty horrible status, but swept under the carpet because he was rich and famous. His memory chip gets destroyed, and so who is the next target?
The Verdict: Watch and find out. Although I have to warn that it's not worth your money.

Old movies.....
Image hosted by
I bet many have already watched this movie. I love true stories....Leo does a good job when in comes to impersonating people. Good movie. I enjoyed it.

Movies I'm looking forward to......

Image hosted by
The Amityville Horror.

Image hosted by
Fantastic Four - can't wait!

Image hosted by
Chronicles Of Narnia

Image hosted by
Initial D ..(just for the cars!!)
Movies I'm NOT looking forward to....
Image hosted by
Click. Apparently did not get any nominations, I'm not sure If I should even try watching it....
Image hosted by
Come on, Jet Li?? Geesh....

Monday, July 04, 2005

Yet another quiz

Image hosted by
You're Dune!
by Frank Herbert
You have control over a great wealth of resources, but no one wants to let you have them. You've decided to try to defend yourself, but it may take eons before you really get back what you feel you deserve. Meanwhile you have a cult-like following of minions waiting for your life to progress. This would all be even more exciting if youcould just get the sand out of your eyes.

I kinda agree with that which have been written. Especially the part about no one wants to let me have them. Hey, call me paranoid,I'm just stating the obvious.