Friday, September 30, 2005

"fashionably sensitive but too cool to care"

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Narcolepsy, in very layman terms is defined as urges to sleep and inability to control that urge at odd hours of the day, i.e in the morning, afternoon, evening. It normally occurs after meals, when reading and the like. On a more clear definition:
What is Narcolepsy?
Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder caused by the brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally. At various times throughout the day, people with narcolepsy experience fleeting urges to sleep. If the urge becomes overwhelming, individuals will fall asleep for periods lasting from a few seconds to several minutes. In rare cases, some people may remain asleep for an hour or longer. In addition to excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), three other major symptoms frequently characterize narcolepsy: cataplexy, or the sudden loss of voluntary muscle tone; vivid hallucinations during sleep onset or upon awakening; and brief episodes of total paralysis at the beginning or end of sleep. Narcolepsy is not definitively diagnosed in most patients until 10 to 15 years after the first symptoms appear. The cause of narcolepsy remains unknown. It is likely that narcolepsy involves multiple factors interacting to cause neurological dysfunction and sleep disturbances.
This is what I encounter during lectures.

The Nervous System is in the third week in progress. I'm still at the first lecture of the first week. Total bummer. I go for lectures, and the next thing I know, I'm falling asleep, scribbling some words here and there that I find might be useful. As much as I try to prevent myself from sleeping, I just fail miserably. So, to prevent embarrassing moments of falling forward, I just put my face on the table and GO TO SLEEP. The other day for CSU, despite not studying the Cranial Nerves before hand, I went to sleep in the briefing room when the video for cranial nerves was going on. I was sitting at the front row seat.

Nevermind that I am in sem 5 and I am suppose to have a hairstyle like Einstein's and dress like the guys in Chemical Romance. The juniors from Sem 1 come over to me and ask me why I look so relaxed. Little do they know that I actually have a defect with my Facial Cranial Nerve, i.e. CN7. Nevermind that I have about 9 weeks to EOS and hardly did any revision. I feel horrible.

The good thing is, I always feel that everything will be all right at the end. In this case, I have to MAKE SURE it will be all right tat the end of the day. It better be.

As I practice my clinical skills in the hospital , I realize that I have not forgotten the essentials, this means, I only have to be a little bit more disciplined and it will all be ok. Although, sometimes the thought of memorizing every single Pathophysiology, Rick factors, Sign & Symptoms for EVERY single disease is scary ( ahem: Prasad, familiar??).

I have been guiding some Sem 1s recently (academically and I find it rather useful spending some time teaching them. It helps me in a way. Hmmm.....

Anyway, unlike Adeline, who has an end goal in everything that she does, this post does not. It is just me , a grouch complaining about me, myself and I. So, this is not worth the time to read.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Panda's sexual escapades

I love animals, I hold them close to my heart, and always stay in tune in what is occurring to them, extinction etc etc. Which is why I talk a lot about animals (as seen in my blog).
This is an excerpt from BBC today.....
pandas at work ahem
Satellites to monitor panda sex

"Persuading pandas to breed can feel like hard work.Scientists in China plan to use satellites to track pandas to learn more about their sexual behaviour.
A Chinese-US project will use Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to monitor panda movements in a reserve in remote Shaanxi province.
It is part of an attempt to understand the panda's poor breeding record.
"Tracking them with advanced technology and observing their sex activities might help us find ways to avoid their extinction," an official said.
Wei Fuwen, from the China Academy of Sciences' Institute of Zoology, said pandas living in the wild were inaccessible for long periods of time.
"Traditional observation cannot unravel the ecological mystery of the animals," he told the official Xinhua news agency.
China's scientists have come up with a series of more or less surprising ideas for improving panda reproduction, including showing them sex education videos.
Despite such efforts, the animal remains endangered.
China last year said there were an estimated 1,600 of the creatures left in the wild, 40% more than previous figures suggested.
A further 161 pandas were reported to be living in captivity. "
I am happy that scientists are doing all they can to help these Panda bears, but sex education videos??? That's hilarious!! Apparently, this sex film company produced 'porn' for the pandas in captivity in one of the zoos in China, and that female Panda is now 6 months pregnant. Wow. ;P

Friday, September 23, 2005


Yesterday, as I walked out of Food Avenue, to my surprise, I met Bee Lee Ching!!! (a.k.a Leech). I was ecstatic. Thing is, leech is my old old old secondary school friend. Seeing her just reminded me of how fast the years has flown by......Still remember the days when we will be yapping the whole time in school and all the way home under the scorching sun just about everything and anything. And I still remember what a nag your grandma used to be and how you used to complain about your poor old grandma. Ha ha ha. Thing is, you are now a working adult (an accounts manager!! phoo-yoh!!) and I am still this school going giant (lovin' it!). Sigh. Leech, we grew so fast!! The immature days, all the 'im-not-talking -to-you' seasons and the dramas...boy, good ol' days. Anyways, will be looking forward to that dinner, to catch up .....
It occurs to me that the rage over the whole semi finals of the NHSD has not subsided, call me histrionic, but hey, don't blame me, apparently, metrosexuals have an inherent histrionic attitude (but I'm not too happy about that...It's just occasional!). However, some of the lecturers who saw me around claimed that we did pretty well, and I guess, that's good enough for now. I shall officially drop my dissatisfaction now. Thanks , everyone who was there to support.
Futsal girls of Sem 5.... you guys rock!!!!!!
Backstreet boys new dumb ass music video.... does NOT rock!!!!
On a more whinny note, PBL these days are such a drag. I used to be the enthusiastic PBL student before, always looking forward to it, because I always took it as a learning opportunity. Then again, nowadays, everyone is just so bored, sick and tired of it, that even I am starting to feel that way. Sigh.
On a motivational note, i will be starting my NS studying regime today. Let's hope my actions speak louder than words. :P

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Machiavellianism- NHSD 2005

Machiavellianism – National Health Sciences Debate ‏2005
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The NHSD is finally over. Sitting here in front of the computer, mentally and physically exhausted, I am unsure of how I am really feeling. But I’ll run through the 3 exciting days and this will definitely be a memorable tournament, hopefully not the last one.

Before I go on, it will be good to mention, that this year, I had a new teammate, Prasad Palani Velu from semester 1. Although I felt bad in the beginning that I was singled out from my senior friends, a few hours later that day during selection, I felt, it would not be too bad. My instincts somehow told me that I would be able to debate with this guy. He was somehow similar (with my amazing psychoanalytical capabilities, I’m never wrong) in attitude and character as me, so I though I’ll give it a shot. Days after that followed by me gruelling Prasad and just dictating notes after notes and arguments after arguments of what I have learned so far. We set arguments and cases, prepared rebuttals and even had our own one-to-one debates. Every single attempt to just make sure that the both of us were ready for the tournament. Although most of the training session we had was good, I must say there were awkward moments as we were BOTH somehow perturbed by our unfailing similarities in thoughts, words, action, and if I could add, history. Albeit I didn’t really take it too hard upon myself, I guess there were points when my junior here did. But never mind that.

Day 1
TH would support Malaysian’s Women rights to choose.
OG – SUT 1
OO – UiTM 2
CG - IMU 3
CO – UiTM T 1

The round was all right except for the fact we had an adjudicator who was clearly an idiot when it comes to adjudicating. He claims that I should not come out with a point since I was the whip (never mind I was the government whip,) and gave us third place. Then, he claimed that we spoke to loudly (ok, so Prasad was just a little itsy bitsy loud, SO WHAT?) and hence his decision. Idiot number 1. Then again, and I thought it was a blessing in disguise (later)

TH just loves playing doctor (humour round)
OG – IMU 3
CG – UKM 3
CO – UiTM 4/5??

Being a humour round, I was a little shaky, plus I was still pissed over round one. P & I decided we will talk about sexual role-play and how playing doctors is the best. Little did we know the disaster that was coming our way. After setting our case, the opposition, having being caught off-guard started saying its not morally acceptable bla bla bla and the fact that he took about 200 P.O.Is wont hurt either. Then his second speaker just thought he would let the whole world know he was innocent, young, and that talking about sex is not in context of the debate. If that wasn’t so bad, the 1st speaker of the closing opp just came out rebutting everybody in the room (including his side!) and started his personal attacks on my side: he lashed at my tie, saying its like hell, then he asked the closing government why his accent was like hell too. Boy, the look on Reasad’s face (adjudicator) was scary. He was pisssed. Apparently, this speaker claims he is Muslim and that talking about sex is offensive. But later, by the 6th minute, he claims that French maid role-play is better than playing doctor. Idiot number 2. (Note: Never, never EVER comment harshly on VASAN’s tie or ANY of his belongings!). I won’t even attempt explaining what the opposition whip did. Oh, and we got the same crappy adjudicator (yes idiot no.1) in this room. And he claimed his dissatisfaction when he saw us. Thank God Reasad was chair! Oh, and another funny thing, when this girl from the government bench was giving her speech, the guys from KYC (yes, the innocent ones) kept standing up for P.O.Is, not until she went like “ Sit down, virgins!!”. Hilarious. Totally hilarious.
No brainer, IMU 3 won.

Day 2

TH would allow doctors to advertise on all facets of media.

CG - IMU 3
CO – IMU 1

This room was a toughie, cos as you can see, all the team names end with a 1 except for ours, and it was bad that we had to oppose our own team. The debate was pretty good, I think P & I came up with a marvellous extension, the whole idea on Health Tourism. We were pretty weary, but we won this round. With due respect to YP and Ad, I must say, you guys put up a good fight. Funny thing is, we had, yes, the same adjudicator AGAIN!! (Yes, idiot number 1). Again, thank God, Pravin, the CA (Chief Adjudicator) was chair.

TH worries that globalisation is creating a Prozac nation.
OG – IIU G 1
OO – UiTM SA 1
CG – UKM 1
CO – IMU 3

If that room was a toughie, this room was hell. P & I were, yes, in the top room for that round, against all those people who eyed for the semis. IIU G 1 made a pretty wrong definition, they didn’t talk about Prozac at ALL, and we had to debate on Intellectual Property rights on AIDS drugs and its distribution to third world countries. P& I scrapped our plans 3 times before coming with our final extension on abuse and monopoly. Being in that room at that time, all I wanted to do was get 1st or 2nd so that we can get through finals. To our surprise, IMU 3 got 2nd, after UiTM 1, which brought us straight to the semi-finals.

Day 3
I never knew this day would come. IMU 3 was in the semi finals.

TH would deny organ transplant to substance abusers.

OG – IMU 3
OO – UKM 1
CO – MMU 1

We had a good case set up, we had a good fight. We had all our friends there to support. We had everything that could bring us to the finals. BUT, not until we had an adjudicator who believes that organ donors can decide who should receive their organs. Meet Idiot number 3. The idiotest of all idiots. Fact is, we lost this round, and MMU 1 and UKM 1 got to the finals to meet UiTM 2 and UM1. Crap, we were so close. But, as Pravin said, in his eyes, we were finalist. And that was something that made us feel better.

I’m not going to even talk about the finals, but it’s worth to note that UKM 1 won, and MMU 1 got last. That’s good enough.

The tournament turned out to be pretty good. Both for IMU as a whole, and for me as well. Looking back at it, I am happy that I was able to debate against some of the best Malaysian debaters, and have overall good rounds. Being one of the top ten best speakers wouldn’t be too bad to mention (Sheena was 3rd best speaker!! yay!!). What was more important is (and I mean it!) that I was able to spend time with my debater friends (in no particular order) Adeline, Sheena, Yee Pei, Hai Liang, Elena, Rahman, Alvin, Priya, Rasyidah and Yee Shiong, and must say, it has always been great, and we have really reached so far. (Though I must agree we have much more to catch up on!).

One thing for sure, it was the whole experience with my team mate (I thought this deserved a separate segment) Prasad Palani Velu. It was a great experience, the similarities worked to our benefit, and I must also thank you for portraying yourself well and doing your best in bringing us the wins that we got. (Now, don’t get all air-headed!)

At the end of the day, I still wonder why do I debate. Why do I put my academics aside just for debate? That needs a whole volume to explain. Probably not this time. Now it’s back to the NERVOUS SYSTEM. Damn it.
********photos will be up soon***********

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Re- Emancipation of Dolphie

The clouds gave way
To the sun
Beaming right down
Onto my face…

Morning glory blossoming
To the sound
Of chirpy finches
Rummaging through the air
To feed the sapling
That yearn their love and care

It’s almost sanctuary
Living in the precious memory
Life’s not a folly
It turns out to be

I’m happy
Back to where I am
Time will pass me by
But the glitter of today
Is enough to shine through
The unpredicted years

---Wonder world, I’m home.

Beautiful aren't they, these finches?

-----------------Zero emotional investments? You bet!!-------------------

Monday, September 12, 2005

Walking away

Like the gaze of Mona Lisa
You gave me an unwavering replica
Of all your thought
For me to swallow and sought

Like the wrath of a lioness
I battle through this brokenness
But I quiver at the loneliness
I’ll conceal, without you my precious.

I’ll still miss you
I’ll still need you
I’ll still be there
For you I swear
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Like a withered flower
My soul is dying
The sun it had its hope on
Turned around and shadowed its dreams
Of living again
Perpetually alive

My soul is wretched
My core is wrecked
It fell to the deepest bottom
I can’t retrieve it
The fraught you caused
Why did you?

Like a bull at its final match
Dignity stripped and worth expunged
It’s likened to death
That’s how I am
At this time
At this hour

You caused me grave pain
Its immense, its unspeakable
My soul cries
My soul dies

Your altruistic nature
Turned into a fiasco
Who is to blame?
Maybe it’s just me

How can I go on?
My hopes shattered
When you took
The little that I had
Merciless, ruthless

The flower that once blossomed
Envisaged the worst
It is now lifeless
It will never be the same

But it dies to give another life………

------I walked a mile ---------
------Just to see you smile -------
------But then -----------
------You hurt me, and you hurt me when, -
------The love that abounds shall set me free------ -

Saturday, September 10, 2005

To A Special Friend

To a special friend:

We mirror each other,
So much we don’t bother
Why are we so close yet so far?
As clichéd as it may appear?

You’re hiding something from me
Tell me when you’re gonna reveal
All that bothers you
All that worries you

I see it in your eyes
I see it in your face
All those silent cries
Can't see the end of the race

You look strong outset
Life is weak, I bet
Don’t give up just yet
It’s as good as it gets

Listen my friend

Life is not Shakespeare
Don’t expect it to be
Stop living a lie
One that you can’t abide by

My dear friend

I love you,
I really do,
Look at me,
What do you see?

I shall wait, wait for you
One day you’ll unearth a part of you
That’s been missing all this time
And realize that it was I all the while
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Friday, September 09, 2005

M-16 and NS

No, I'm not talking about the Nervous System.
Recently, the Defence Minister added new program to the National Service. Handling of M-16s. My question is, is it really that relevant for young school leavers to actually learn how to handle a M-16, although if it is on a voluntary basis? The goverment says the reason is to instill discipline. Is it me, or can anyone see how handling of a gun can make one disciplined? I suppose that is why policemen (who are trained in handling guns) in New Orleans recently just took the oppurtunity to rape and murder tpeople as they please, and I suppose the soldiers were so disciplined in the Gaza strip when they just shot at teenagers and innocent beings who they claimed tresspassed the borders. As far as I am concerned, guns and rifles remind me of war. And war results in death and it has no affiliation with love whatsoever. It is love that unites all , and guns are the sole inhibitory factor. Our young and innocent youth need to be thought love and how to handle themselves, not handle a gun. They should be thought multiculturism and how to grow in prospects of a growing world. Really, be it voluntary or not, the trainees should not, and should never, ever be taught to handle a gun.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

UiTm Vice Chancellor Cup

This being my first time adjudicating in a tournament, I must say it was a good experience. I almost felt that adjudicating is far better than debating itself; but, nah, I think debating is always better. This is because when you adjudicate, and you get a team that doesn’t know what the heck they are saying, you just feel like standing up & giving them a P.O.I., which you cannot do when you are an adjudicator. Having an AIDA 1 is pretty good; I need to sit for another adjudicating test soon to go up a level. Oh, and I almost forgot, I chaired most of the preliminary rounds and had a chance to adjudicate for the semis & finals, too. Being ‘hakim jemputan’, Sharma gave Sheena & I the honor to choose a motion for the prelim. Of, course, being the medical students that we are, we agreed on the motion: “ THBT substance abusers should not be entitled to organ transplant”. Which is where the whole story starts.
As round 5 began, I dreaded the facts that I am going to get from the novices. The Opening Government set a mechanism, stating all drug abuser cannot get a transplant but can do so after the 3rd screening. They also claimed that cocaine and heroin causes cerebral haemorrhage and hence, should not be transplanted. The brain.
Then, later, comes the genius 2nd speaker of the Opening opposition who just brought them clearly to the last place. To quote:
“ Drug abusers are humans too. Although they take drugs, their heart is neutral. Just say for example, a guy was stabbed in the heart, and taken to the hospital. The doctor in duty won’t have fresh hearts to transplant into this patient who got stabbed in the heart. So he is going to have to take the heart of the drug abusers to transplant. Then, once in the patient, the heart will become neutral and the patient can live”
This is a total deviation from the motion and I found it so hilarious. I’m sure the drug abuser will be so happy that he donated his one and only heart for another patient…Nobel…

Anyway, bitching aside, I think the tournament was ok. I took note of some newbies whom I debated with before, and it occurred to me that these debaters really grew, and can be lethal. We, IMU debaters so need to train!!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

This was suppose to be up ages ago..

It’s 3.30am and I’m about to go to sleep. Just came back after having a long lengthy chat with J & JE. It’s been such a long time since we just went out to have some time to ourselves. This day was a day I was desperately looking forward to, the end of the first half of Semester 4; although Renal assessment didn’t go so well today. If only I read more…
Anyway, speaking to J & JE about their ‘man’ was exciting. After such a long time, JE finally likes someone…ha ha.and as for J, it’s a wonder whether her heart is going to be broken again; but I do think it’s going to make her a stronger person. I do believe that her Mr. Right will come soon, very, very soon. Like I said to her, maybe when we are no longer seniors in Seremban.
Love is such a sweet thing. But it could also have its bitter aftertaste. Or more likely, sometimes, it’s bitter all the way. Why do people fall in love? Is it truly love? How can they say that they have fallen in love when they have only seen the person once? Does ‘love at first sight’ really exist? If it does, will it ever work, or more importantly, last?
When you love someone, you know that that person is all you ever want, ever need. He/she will be the one who will blow your fears away, lift you off your feet and make you feel significant. But does it in truth happen?
You try immensely to make the person reciprocate your actions and feelings towards him, only to realize that he does not; but yet you wait in hope ‘maybe there is still a chance’. This was what I was talking to J about. I told her to just be brave and tell SSKB that she loves him, for she really does, but is she brave enough? Is he mature enough? Whatever it will be, I told J that she could be sure of a definite answer no matter what it may be. She can then move on.
I spent many hours every year with people with love dilemmas. I have had twins vying for the same girl, best friends breaking up because of a guy, couples where the guy is just all about sex and to list every thing down will need volumes of books. It’s quite interesting, what makes this people continue o fall in love…is love really all that strong?
What’s going to happen to J remains an enigma, at least for now. I’ll just hope for the best.
Here are some tips for new-age girls:
1) If you like a guy, get close enough to him to ensure that he is really what you think he is. If you are just plain desperate, forget tip (1)
2) When you think he is the one, make a move, seriously, why not? All the more if he’s the shy type. But if you think he’s going to do the confession, wait.
3) Don’t be so pushy. And don’t let him be that way too. Because when he is, you know what he really wants (and that’s not good, unless that is what YOU want!).
4) Check his history out a bit. If he had just finish running after 3 girls in a row within 3 months (and failed miserably) and now is trying to hit on you, take note. You don’t want to be just-another-girl.
5) Forgive his excuses. Sometimes men just need the time to think. But if the excuses go to far, well girl, $%@* him.

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Beginning of an End

And who said the Musculoskeletal System was hard????
Days before the exam I walked around nonchalantly claiming that MS is a piece of cake, and everyone will pull through, and I have my extra-orientation-activity to prove that very fact.
Turns out, the MS paper was not too hard, it required basics, which I am sure everyone in my batch has at the tip of their fingers. However, yours truly managed to make stupid mistakes, here and there, and am quite bitter about it right now. Then again, considering the fact that I spent 4 out of 5 of the Musculoskeletal System weeks going out and chit-chatting and just utterly wasting my time, there's not much to expect. Now, I just hope I pass, and I have to begin my tumultuous journey of studying for the feared (and revered) End of Semester Exams. God help me.
By the way, this is the first ever exam where I had the time cut short during the exam. An exam for an hour and 45 minutes was just cut short somewhere during the examination. Huh.
Now, off to Peacehaven, Genting, for The Intercollege Catholic Student Society Camp.......