Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Deep Thinking?

Your Scholastic Strength Is Deep Thinking

You aren't afraid to delve head first into a difficult subject, with mastery as your goal.You are talented at adapting, motivating others, managing resources, and analyzing risk.
You should major in:






Foreign language

What Should You Major In?
That's funny, I did not get medicine!! Ha ha....

Chronicles of Vasan - The Dolphin, Hair, and the Hospital.

In case you did not know, Im having a holiday. Nevermind that. Each and everyday for the past 3 weeks, heck, it's almost a month, I have been in and out of the hospital. But I'm not complaining. I think. =)

My aunt had been admitted for recurrent peritonitis. A little history, my aunt is chronic renal failure patient- had a transplant 8 years ago- failed about last year again- was on CAPD- peritonitis 4 times- So, after the forth time , it was crucial that The Tenchoff tube be removed and my aunty has to begin haemodialysis. Then again, she has to use the neck line ( which is dangerous, in fear of thrombosis), so the need to make an AVF ( arteriovenous fistula) using an artificial graft. Long story aside, she has been discharged, and will be on medication and follow up. You medic students out there (IMU) who are interested in this (rather interesting ) case, can e-mail me. Here, I would just like to thank all my dear Darling friends who have been praying and visiting, to name a few, sheen, Sheena's MUM, Anne, Daphne, Amelia, all you guys from CSS, and all the rest who have been supportive. Thanks!! It really helped!

Just two days before my aunt was discharged, My relative had to go to the same hospital. He was referred from another clinic. If I'm not wrong, he is suffering from Cervical spondylosis. I had a look at his MRI, he has an intervertebral prolapse at C5 C6, C4 C5 . The bulge at C5 C6 is quite, well, big, so its close to he spinal cord, which is causing radiculopathy. Just came back from the hospital, he will need a surgery in another couple of months, but not before they send him (and me) around the hospital to every department lining up for numbers to perform various test ( of which , some, I thank is totally irrelevant!). Anyways, things will be fine, that I'm sure.

So, what is it about the hospital that is tiring? It's the walking. lining up. waiting, and tolerating ill- attitudes of the people working there (well, not all of them!) . Most of the staff have been extremely nice to me ( esp ward 8TE, you guys rock!!).
Communication is really important. Some of the nurses and attendants (hell, doctors and medical students) just take it for granted that patients know everything. For example:

Nurse:" go there tomorrow first floor.."
Me: " By 'there' did you mean Menara Utama, Timur, Klinik or?????"
Nurse: " There la"
Me: Menara Utama?
Yes yes
What the??!!!

Nurse: " Go home and put the hot bag on"
Me: " By that, did you mean wrap a towel around it before putting it on?"
Nurse: giggles.." Ah, yes..."
I mean , come on, my grand dad has never used it, what if he just put the bag without wrapping it????

After waiting for a long long time, we were called in by a medical student who wanted to take history ( from my grandad). Boy, was he so repetitious. He kept asking the same questions, and did I mention his questions were all over the place? He was trying so hard to speak Bahasa, when all the time, my grandad could have conversed in English. Point here is not about how the medical student was. It was about how dis-concerned both the doc and med students were. They made my grandad stand, bend, this and that , took the MRI and he started teaching while my grandad was just seating there. Mind you, WE WERE WAITING LONG, and my grandad is really worried bout his health.

NOW, It's not wrong to teach, hell, I'm a medical student , I know.

The least they could have done ( esp the Dr.) was to tell my grandad to be patient, or maybe ask his permission before taking such a long time, which didn't benefit him at all. Worst, after all that , he did not explain what's going on until I had to ask him the relevant questions, probable follow ups, etc etc. Now imagine if this was just a quiet patient. The doctor left before I could get him, so I demanded that the medic student ( who had earlier examined him) to at least thank my grandad, assure him ,and apologize. Note, that I was polite and at no time arrogant when requesting that he does so.

The hair
My hair has been attracting ( too much ) attention. Just this morning, an elderly lady with red hair kept looking at it, I gave her a smile, to which she then asked how I got it done. Later, before she left, she asked if it was expensive. Then she briskly walked away saying she is gonna do it.
Other comments:
" Oi, tengok..orang Negro.."
" Wah...."
Look look stare stare... No end to it

Do I like the attention? What do you think? I'm used to it! I didn't need the hair..ha ha ha

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hello people!!

Yes, I have been gone for a long long time,and just in case you are reading this,it is not really goona be a post,more like a tiny update.In between my busy-hospital-school-to-god knows what and where schedule,I am stealing an hour just to get my e-mail checked,and jot a little here. There is so much that I need to post,stories right down from 2005,(Yes people,its 2006!),so many people to mention,so many happenings,photos,etc.Just to let you guys know,I sorta have a new look,(that does not mean I actually look good) look out for the photos soon.TillI have the time, Take care....and Sem1's,good luck this Thursday,I am sure you guys did well.