Tuesday, February 21, 2006


" I wait for the postman, to bring me a letter...
I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better....." -Confessions of a Broken Heart, Lindsay Lohan

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" Things change, people have to change with time. It's only normal" - MLHZ

" I guess, all good things must come to an end.." - JRJJ

I remember the days, the early morns that wouldn't start till I received your zany message. How a perky little message lit my day as it would any other day when you were around. All the lame jokes, they seemed smart, the distance our imagination would go when we exaggerate the 'happenings' around us, still leaves a smile on my face. Remember the times we ran for burgers? Such pigs!! Talking under the moonlit bench by the pool, boy, didn't that just take the worries away as the wind blew pass our face?The times we spent together were priceless, the laughter shared, with nothing I would trade. Do you still remember?


Was change too much of something you have been thinking about it marred every single memory you once had?

You once made promises, but the mirror of the future ,they seem to have shatter right in front of my face as I innocently gaze at them, with love, yes, wih love.

You said you missed me, but you didn't show it one bit when I met you. Maybe I expected too much.
You said you'll be the same. Maybe I lived in an illusion.
I once never wanted to speak. You made me. Now, I wish I never said a word. Nothing about myself. -but I remember all you that you did-

The songs we listened to once, they still strike the same chord when it plays on MtV( remember? The dumb people's channel? Ha ha)
If you tell me what's bothering you, I really would listen. If you had something to say about myself that you don't fancy, I would have faced it. But the tone you used, that hurt me more that the words you spoke.

A walk by the beach wih you I wished, but not even close to me you were. Maybe , new friends you have found? I wouldn't know, now would I? The week passed with such agony, I was ignored, almost felt like I was not there, glad you had fun though.

You see, I never expect anything from anyone. Really I don't. But I'm only human, with a sensitive heart that not everyone has. It hurt, it still does.

" I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery..." -
Because of you , Kelly Clarkson

I enjoyed every single time we had. I had a butterfly, it once had spread its wings like it never had, it flew across borders, it left me with good thoughts, warm feeling , and love. Now i wonder if it will ever come back. I miss it. So much.
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Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Excuse to Procrastinate

Guess what? I'm still alive!

Darn, it's been ages since I last posted here...right now,i've just had dinner(lasagna) and well, it was kinda horrible....can you say "BLAND"??? Considering I havent posted a single entry in the past forever, i thought i'd just drop by and post something here...after all, vasan hasn't been posting as often as he used to anymore...consider this a favour i'm doing pro bono here, vasan! haha.. no, really, i'm just here 'cos i'm looking for an excuse to procrastinate.

where do i begin? classes have already started here since last monday...we're doing microbiology and immunology for sem 5....and i gotta say, they take their PBLs and practical labs very seriously...how serious? let's just say the end of semester exam has questions devoted entirely to PBLs and prac labs....i am under serious pressure!!...and i haaaaate pressure...don't they know i've had my fair share during MSK and NS?????????

on a somewhat brighter note, i'm so glad i received the original CPR certs and letter of good conduct this afternoon...my mom had sent it off last week and it was taking forever to get here (yours truly completely forgot to bring CPR cert along!). I honestly thought it was lost in the mail...i'd hate to take the CPR course again, 'cos they make you pay for it here...and it's conducted somewhere else outside uni....oh well, thankfully everything has arrived intact. Now i'm expecting a parcel to come along as well, containing my good old table lamp...yeah, i'm not used to the table lamp they provided here,'cos it's got a yellow globe bulb..it gets really hot after several minutes under it. If you were wondering why couldn't i just study in the library,it's because the uni lib closes at 6pm...apparently labour is expensive. Also, the biomed lib is closed till next week cos of faulty air conditioning..research for PBL has been tedious without any books handy..

everyone here has been really really nice so far..in uni, as well as here, in the college. Nevermind the fact that there's an issue here in Intl House that bothers me...i'm glad i got it off my chest last night to someone back home in m'sia...i actually felt much better today! But still, i haven't made any progress, thanks to my lack of guts (or the complete absence thereof).

and how i miss the heady imu days...all of a sudden, i'm millions of miles away from my comfort zone....no more:
  • lame jokes (*sob sob*)
  • laughing out loud
  • sharing "opinions" (wink!)
  • lying about National Coffee Day
  • imitating ChuWanLoy
  • toxoplasma-ing
  • pony-ing
  • diva-ing
  • bimbo-ing
  • pony sarcasm
  • general bellyaching
  • the occasional misunderstanding ( it was bound to happen anyway!)
  • more toxoplasma-ing...hehe!
Oh well, it was good while it lasted. And now is just the beginning of what I hope are bigger and better things to come!