Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm a GENIUS!!!

After the recent UiTM no frills, everyone thought I was a great liar. Guess what? That lie was not a lie afterall. Plutonium IS derived from Uranium and these compounds, yes, are used as nuclear weapons. so, Adeline, Richard, and Mastura IIU, here!

Those interested can go to :

On Plutonium Chemistry :

On nuclear Weapons:

UiTM No Frills

I must say, Saturday was a great day. well, we didn't make it to the finals ( When I say WE I mean Richard, Adeline and I), but it just was great. We won two rounds of three, we trashed Novice 2, then we lost 1/2 a point against IIU 3, and then we won again victoriously against IIU7. I swear we could have won the 2nd round on the motion that " Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children" where we were the goverment. That could have taught Miss -torn -ligament a thing or two. The only reason we lost was because the adjudicator said we did not prove how the children will not be harmed when I have CLEARLY said that the Orphanage's Welfare department will be monitoring the falmilies, thus that would not be a reason for the child to be unsafe. Bummer. Shit happens, but well, we only lost by 1/2 a point !!!!! That's fantastic. I'm hoping that the IMU debaters will be able to train ( as hard as those IIU debaters) quite soon for the upcoming debates so we can kick ass! The look on Miss-torn-ligament's face when the adjudicator said she should behave a little more professional was PRICELESS.

Hey, I think I should stop being a bitch. Well, fair game played, I'll stop complaining.
The third round was outstanding. We went in the debate room knowing nuts on the motion that " This house will support global disarmament" where we were opposing. We were like doomed and were just ready to get trashed. But hey, what do you know,we won!! woo-hoo!
The funny part about this debate is that we were arguing that nuclear plants can be used to make nuclear weapons at any time, thus their proposal does not stand.
Gov2 : "Mdm speaker, uranium is used in nuclear plants and plutonium is used to make nuclear weapons. Plutonium is a rare element. Thus, the opposition has failed to prove a point"

V : What if the countries risk the sanctions?
Gov2: UN will go for a WAR against those countries.

Fine. Then... My turn..

V: Mdm speaker, standing here as a physics student, I can tell you that Uranium has a short half life. It decays and it actually forms Plutonium, which then can be used as a nuclear weapon. Shame on the side of the Gov for they have failed to understand this.
...they actually believed me!! ( hey, it could be true!)

V: Mdm speaker, Gov2 said that UN will go for a war against those countries....( interupted)
Gov2: I did not mean military war.
ha ha ha then what? food war? that's so silly!

Anyway, I think I'm gloating over the victory. I need a reality check. Have to work harder for the next tournament.
* thanks Adeline, Richard, you guys were great!! Sheena, you too*

Friday, February 04, 2005

When In Heavens are YOU gonna die??!! muahahahaha

I am going to die at 75. When are you? Click here to find out!

Try finding out when you're gonna die, come one, there's so many people we have to kill before we know when we ourselves are gonna die, right? =)