Monday, May 23, 2005

Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights...

It's 3am right now and i'm in overdrive!

Anyway, I just wanted to recommend u ppl to listen to this song: Not For All the Love in the World by The's epic sadness...and i LOVE it! No excuse not to d/l it seeing as we're pretty free's the softcore nights for the next few weeks!

Also, i've thought over the Selectives and i think i'll take my chances with Patho first followed by Travel Med...and then BS...i hate physiology(sorry sarah!)

Meanwhile, enjoy your nights ppl.

Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm now more encouraged to blog

i'm now more encouraged to blog. (read:vandalize). Like this!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bad Week


It's 1.30pm & I'm waiting for the lady at AAD to return from her ever infinite lunch break just so I can change my damn selective. IMU sucks. Big Time. The whole week was filled with moronic idiots giving me a bad time and just fucking annoying me. Renal does not seem to be going so well since, they just decided,hell, I'll give you a hard test so you'll learn your lesson shit. Well, I dont think it'll work. Giving us a pseudo 3 weeks to compress renal into our grey matter is a bad idea. Wait till I meet the Dean after Renal.
CSU has been awfully damaging with fucking kiasu-s never giving anybody else a chance to bloody learn since they are all smart and all. Damn it. And PBL was a just another sad case since the bloody Dr just sat there ignoring the fact that whatever we presented could be wrong. He is so gonna get it when I speak to the dean, again. Fuck you CL Yung! What the Fuck???!!!!!!!! BURN IN HELL!!! i'm sorry, i mean go back to hell-lah!!!WTF????
And some infuriating assholes(read:bastards) just never grow up and still behave like they are in secondary school, well, guess what I dont fucking care. To make things worst, that idiot's gonna be the group leader when we go to the hospital.Shit. Then I had this 'friend' who just decided he'll patch things up by just ignoring the fact that he was a complete jerk when he had a girlfriend and envy was all that lingered around him. Well, guess what, I dont fucking care how you feel. You deserve to be treated the way you were treated yesterday. This is very unlike me but i guess it's just the long bad week.............*sob*
I'm gonna end here and just hope that tomorrow will come soon because I just can't take it. Gosh, I'm so mad!
**Keena, if you are reading this, excuse me** =(