Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lend a helping hand

World meet Rusty. Rusty meet world. Game.

Rusty is a little mongrel who laid sadly by the drain of a house with her other siblings and her slutty mum. Little did she know that she was going be saved from the ravages of street life : the random sex, the birth of a million puppies after another, and flees. Yes, fleas.

Rusty is fortunate to have been given a better life, a little princess kinda-life. She lives in an air conditioned room, has a cute little tee, and savours only the best - Pedigree Puppy Delights.

She now sits when ordered, shakes hand and fetches. She also mended the broken heart of a little boy. She brought joy to his life.

Taking her in was a huge responsibility; but it was worthwhile.

Immunisation only costs RM20*. Grooming only costs RM20*. Food only costs RM 24-Rm30** a month. Spaying only costs RM70*.

Many unfortunate dog's lives can be made better if we lend a hand. We can always neuter the canine and send them to SPCA for other dog lovers to adopt. Life on the streets isn't easy. Life is not worth living for them, and life is a terror for the folks' as their rubbish gets dragged away every night, leaving a mess in the mornings.

You can make a difference.

* in a government veterinary clinic
** varies with different brands