Saturday, November 13, 2010



It beams through the greatest of wars and disasters. It is portrayed in the greatest of movies, cartoons. You hear it in songs; read it in books, magazines, billboards, shows….it is the essence of everything there is. And it is no wonder; it is the very same thing that shakes the very being of your soul. . So powerful, so enduring; yet carries the same potential to break you and shatter you down to your core.

Why do we fall in love? How do we fall in love? What makes you fall in love with somebody so much it creeps into you, crafts a sanctuary in the center of your living being where there’s this eternal fire, this light, this other living thing – with its own mind and beating heart - from the love that had blossomed?


I’m here, bare.

Happy .

Simple. Your smile, your laughter.


The tear in your eye, the quiver in your voice.


The sweetness of our kiss. It really is.


I am, with you.


The affection, the care.


Character contradiction.


The simplicity.

Love is Mother Nature’s bigger sister. It comes stronger than the greatest wind, it hits harder than the largest tsunami, it causes a stir bigger than any hurricane, erupts like the angriest volcano and destroys worst than the most dangerous of earthquakes.

And ironically in the midst of all that

Still make you feel so at peace.



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