Monday, November 14, 2005

A break

My finals are in exactly four weeks. I am pretty much freaking out as I have tones to read, understand and not to forget apply in CSU. Have not been blogging lately, and I guess it will be as such for the next 4 -5 weeks. Because, even if I do post, it's gonna be all complains and whinning. So, people, keep em' thoughts coming and I will update soon. ( Maybe in December).
Just a little update on what went on over the weekend.....
Friday: Went to Steven's corner for supper when we decided to go to Starbucks Mont' Kiara, since it has WiFi and I really wanted some chocolate milk. Ben, Paul, Sheena and I were there, chit-chatting, Sheena was studying, Paul was surfing, Ben and I were just annoying each other. Mont' Kiara is a pretty nice place to just go have a good time chit-chatting. This lasted till 6.30am the next morning (Saturday) ..(read more). So, yup. Pretty much did not study at all
Saturday:- Had a few hours of sleep-went home- came back for church- had dinner at this restaurant in PJ, cos' its Daphne's last SFX youth mass for the year as she is going back to Sarawak next week. *Gonna miss you dear!!!* - watched desperate housewives - went to sleep
Sunday:- Got up laatteee - went for lunch with Ben , Paul, Mich, Nikki- studied a little- slept- dinner- went to Nikki's place for a game of RISK- got home- studied- sleep
Monday:- Got up knowing I spent my weekends well (ahem) , and currently suffering from tachycardia in anticipation of the Semester 5 End Of Semester!
Talk about a boring post. sigh

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Eponymous Syndromes

Speaking of guillain Barrè Syndrome, it is actually a syndrome under the category of "Eponymous Syndromes". Eponymous syndromes are diseases/syndromes that are named after the hero/heroin behind the scene. (As in the person who discovered it, or patient’s name etc.)

Some funny examples I thought I will share:

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome – There is disturbance of one’s view of oneself with or without fast forwarding of intraphysic time. Usually occurs in epilepsy, migraine or infectious mononucleosis… It is also known as Todd’s Syndrome.

Brown- Sequard syndrome – This is a CNS disorder, where a lesion in one half of the cod causes ipsilateral spastic paralysis and joint position sense loss below the lesion (as in hamisection).

Well, the name of the syndrome may be funny, but wait till you hear what this genius did. Way back in the year 1880, Brown Sequard declared that he had discovered the secret to perpetual youth after injecting himself with a concoction of testicular blood, seminal fluid and testicular extracts from freaking dogs and guinea pigs!!!!! Well, of course being at that time, some few thousand doctors tried the concoction on their patients. It is reported that 314 out of 405 cases of tabes (muscle wasting) improved, and Brown Sequard’s urinary flow rate improved by 25%. WOW. Turns out, endocrinologist never forgave him for his purposeless discovery.

As I awake..

As I sit and write this, the racket being made by the semester 1s celebrating somebody’s birthday at the Vista C swimming pool transmits into my room. They are so loud, if I'm not wrong, I think it’s Jack’s birthday, whoever that person is. Burst of their laughter as how the burst of ACTH will occur causing peaks of cortisol levels in my blood right now (as I am way pass my bed time) brings back flashbacks of when I was in semester 1 ages ago… *thinks deeply about the fun times*

As compared to the others, I don’t think that semester one was the only time I had fun. I do agree that it was probably the best time, but, I had my fair share of fun during all semesters, even, yes, even semester 5. Trust me, you can actually have fun in semester 5, and of course there is a price to pay for that very same fun. (I’m feeling the pinch right now, and if I may add, this is one HARD pinch!). When you are in Sem 5, people think you are ½ doctor, but they expect you to know everything. They come around asking specific things, and clinical test that are of no relevance, and when I go huh? What’s that? They go like, “hey, you’re sem 5, you’re suppose to know”. Gee…*rolls eyes*. Ok, never mind the bitching..

At the Seremban Hospital today…

I met some of my Sem 9 seniors (boy, am I glad I made friends with Sem 5s when I was in Sem 1) and they are just so nice. Just questioned them about housing, life back there and all….Seems pretty ok…Also met some other younger seniors, grueling them to try to remember what came out for the sem 5 EOS, well, they did pretty much help. Meeting all of them made me feel less worried about going to Seremban next year. They are all (at least the ones I know) so nice, warm and fuzzy, and I know they will be there to help me then. Yay!! I will be a ‘junior’ again next year!!! It’s fun to be a junior, once in a while!! Yippie!! But then again, there are some of those seniors who have facial paralysis of some sort, because they can never, ever, smile or give you a kind gesture of acknowledgment. Or maybe they just had a bad day getting all pissed upon by the Senior Clinical lecturers there. Felix (clinical school student) just could not stop complaining about the lecturers and how they yell at you in the wards. *shiver*

But I know that wont happen to me =)

Then again, clinical school got me thinking about how would I really cope there. I never really had problems coping but, in the clinical school:

-I’m going to be standing for hours in the ward during ward teaching (sigh)
-Going to have to live through the weird hospital smell since I’m going to be taking multiple histories and performing physical examination in the wards
-Going to have to read up on so so so many stuff including the dreaded Pharmacology (yucks!) just to do well
-Gonna have to buck up on my Tamil and coerce Jenny and Kenneth to teach me Chinese
-Going to have great emotional turmoil when I see the really debilitated patients (like the malnourished boy I saw today) – this will be the hardest, handling my emotions!
-Run the possibility of being separated from my friends, since we will be assigned into different groups…
-And of course, live through all those sad, grumpy ol’ faces of the nurses, and the expressionless zombies ( the seniors who have no life).

Then again. Despite all this, I know I’m going to have so much (hard) fun next year… Night rounds, talking to patients, studying, autopsies, The New Starbucks in Seremban….- like I said, it’s not only in Semester 1 that you have fun....

Can’t wait!

Oh, before I forget, saw a rare case in the Hospital today, a case of Guillain Barre syndrome.. hmm….

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On swimming Dolphins

My definition of swimming is: the ability to keep oneself from drowning when placed in water.

Hence, I can swim.

Around here, when I am asked to join a group of friends for a swim jamboree, I run away. Unlike those macho people, I must say I don’t join them because:

-I am shy. Yes, I am SHY.
-It sounds like a bear falling into the river when it misses its catch of Salmon when I get into the pool

So, I just sit at the bench and watch them swim.

For reason number one, I will only get into a pool with a group of friends when I have the body of a MALE sex god. Ha ha. Meaning, I look like a potato now (Surprise! Surprise!)

For reason number 2, I need to learn how to swim silently and gracefully, like a merman or something. Has anyone seen Rassam swim? Gosh, he seriously is good. Well, he did use to swim across the sea to the island, like only EVERYDAY back in Kenya….

So, when these 2 problems are settled, I will be more than happy to join anyone for a swim. SPLASH!